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Travelling can be real fun if the trip is well planed and operated. Therefore to relax and enjoy a vacation or to cherish the experience of comfortable travel for any reason one should plan well and choose a better means of transport. Well operated trip is always necessary to keep one’s spirits high. JBG tours & travels offer the passengers with one such fantabulous travel experience.

JBG tours and travels. How they differ???

JBG travels are one of the best rated tour operator services in any online travel portal holding tours from and to Delhi. It has exceptionally a large fleet of luxurious buses of various kinds that suit all classes of passengers, which are operated and maintained by trained staff. The fleet management and the JBG travels bus reservation services offered by JBG travels make it different and unique.

General bus routes:

General bus routes include the JBG travels Jammu Delhi, Katra- Delhi, Shimla Delhi, Haridwar- Delhi, Jallandar- Delhi, JBG travels Delhi Amritsar, Delhi Ludhiana, Delhi- Jodhpur, Delhi Nainital etc both one way and round about trips. Services offered:

Various services are offered to the passengers to make them travel in style and comfort. They include:

JBG travels online booking

Bus tickets through phone

One way and round about trips

Ticket cancellation facility

Refreshments on board

Discounts and gift coupons.

All these exceptional services can help the customers have a comfortable travel experience. Booking a ride in JBG travels:

Through the JBG travels online booking services bus reservations in this tour operators from any place to any desired destination is pretty simple. It can be a JBG travels Jammu Delhi tour or Delhi one day tour or even JBG travels Delhi Amritsar or any other tour, following steps are to be followed by an individual to make JBG travels bus reservation online in the right way.

Firstly, the source station and the desired destination are to be selected in the travels website.

The date and the kind of trip should be mentioned.

Make a choice for the kind of bus from the list.

Proceeding further will lead you to the seat selection.

Later it is the cash payment to book your ride. It is possible through credit/debit cards and also online banking accounts.

The e ticket should be printed and carried along to enjoy the ride.

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Seabird Travels is one of the premium bus services in Bangalore. It has over 40 buses and these buses ply in 500 different routes that touch up to 30 different destinations.


Seabird Travels is one of the premium bus services in Bangalore. It has over 40 buses and these buses ply in 500 different routes that touch up to 30 different destinations. Not only do these buses ply within Karnataka but also outside the state. Different destinations like Bangalore, Hubli, Belgaum, Ankola etc. are connected via the bus service.

Why avail of the bus service?

One can always opt for the bus service over other means of transport for a number of reasons.

Bus services are more frequent with at least 3-4 buses plying throughout the day for one singe destination.

They are cheap and more comfortable. Amenities like air conditioning, reclining seats, sleepers, LCD television, Video etc.

Seabird travels bus reservation can be made anytime, even 30 minutes before the time of journey. However, this depends on the availability of seats.

Seabird travels online reservation is fast and effective. All you need to do is log into the website and enter your date of journey, number of seats required, and the destination from the starting point. The website will automatically show you the number of available seats.

Timely travel. A normal passenger train might be delayed by an hour in reaching its destination. But the buses will reach on time, as given in the website.

How to book tickets?

Once you have looked up the list of available seats, you can book them in your name by entering the required personal details. The tickets will then be emailed to you. All you need to do is take a print out of the same and take it with you to the bus stand along with a photo ID. The payment for the bus trip can be made through credit or debit cards and even internet banking.

The bus tickets available are quite inexpensive. A one way Seabird travels Ankola to Bangalore for one person is only INR 550, for a 2X2 seater, AC Volvo bus. Similarly, for one person Seabird Travels Belgaum from Bangalore bus ticket will cost you only around INR 580 for an AC trip in sleeper seats. The listing of other destinations with their time of departure, arrival, seats and the specification is available for all to see on the website.

One can even cancel their bookings online by entering their PNR and ticket number. A small amount shall be deducted as cancellation charge.

Avail of Seabird Travels bus service and feel the difference yourself